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The true purpose of your prayer time is to become like Christ.

In a healthy spiritual life, self-evaluation is important. It can even be exciting, if we’re willing to be honest with ourselves and welcome the tender, compassionate guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer life is a good opportunity for this.

Dr. Stanley believed loving and serving God well are possible only if we’re growing in prayer. Let’s hear from him as he explains the essential elements of a serious and fulfilling prayer life.

Friend, how would you describe your personal prayer life? 

For some, the answer is short and simple: “Nonexistent.” Sadly, a lot of believers don’t spend much time, if any, talking with God. I don’t mean praying on the run. Offering up quick requests as you go about your day is part of a serious prayer life, but far from all it is meant to be.

The kind of prayer I’m talking about is an uninterrupted period of time together, just you and the Lord. No distractions, no other people. And not because you need something, but because you love Him and want to be with Him. Do you have that with God? And if so, how often?

What I’d like to impress on you today is that Jesus, when He was here on earth, placed enormous importance on this kind of prayer. Scripture indicates He often went off alone somewhere to talk to His Father. He prayed when He had decisions to make, when He was tired, and when He was anguished. If prayer was this vital to Jesus, who was God, imagine how important it is for us.

The time you spend in private with the Lord will refresh and empower you supernaturally: “Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary” (Isaiah 40:31).

I can assure you that I’ve seen this happen many times in my own life. I’d like to share with you here four basic, but essential, steps for a personal prayer life that will be indescribably rewarding.

First, make time for God. 

If you want to develop a relationship with someone, you need to spend time with that person. Be deliberate and committed. Get alone with God and refuse to be interrupted. If necessary, start with 15 minutes. Just talk with Him as you would with a friend. You’ll soon find yourself jealously guarding that time because it’s so restoring and precious to you.

Second, choose a place. 

Growing up, sometimes the bathroom was the only place I could be alone to pray. But if possible, find a corner you can set aside just for this. When you do nothing in that spot but talk with God, here’s what will happen: It will become sacred to you. And as soon as you enter, God will prepare you for His presence. That’s a wonderful way to begin.

Third, understand the purpose. 

Are our needs important to God? Yes. But the true purpose of prayer is to commune with the God of our souls, to be enclosed with Him, adoring Him, and—don’t miss this—conformed to His likeness.

Paul said, “Looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord, [we] are being transformed into the same image” (2 Corinthians 3:18). As you sit with the Lord, fully focused on His Person, you’ll start to resemble Him in your thoughts and actions, and His glory will begin to shine on your countenance.

The true purpose of your prayer time is to become like Christ.

Fourth, keep a prayer pad.

Let God tell you what to pray about. Record the day you start and the date you see Him act. Over time, this list will give you confidence. Just remember the true purpose of prayer; His greatest works may be the things no one sees but God and you. Yet, your faith will still be a blessing to others. When God’s people are strong, “each will be like a refuge from the wind and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country” (Isaiah 32:2).

My friend, understand this: Your prayer life will, to a very great extent, determine everything else about you.

You will live no better than you pray, work no better than you pray, sing and teach no better than you pray. But be prepared! The enemy will fight you for it, because he knows the potential of a serious prayer life. Through it, God will turn your human power into supernatural power. And that is well worth the battle. Let this awesome privilege begin to change everything for you—today.

Dr. Stanley’s encouragement toward a serious prayer life is an inspiration to us here at In Touch, and we hope it is to you, too. There’s no doubt that as we continue on this journey, we’ll see true growth—in heart, mind, and soul, not to mention our circumstances. Enjoy the days of devotion ahead, and let us know how we can help. God bless you, till next time.

For His Glory,
Your Friends at In Touch Ministries

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